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Project “Eco-Building International Club for advanced European sustainable energy technology dissemination in Europe and China ”

is funded by the EC DG TREN within ENERGIE Programme


Eco-Building International Club

for advanced European sustainable energy technology dissemination in Europe and China

The residential and tertiary sector, with buildings as the major part, accounts for more than 40% of final energy consumption in the Community. The growth trend in building sector will lead to a further rise in energy use and hence carbon dioxide emissions. So far as the Chinese residential and tertiary sector, its building market is the biggest one in the World. An affective global policy for reducing or restraining final energy consumption and the related CO2 emissions must consider the impact of this immense market and its high increasing trend. Since December 1988 the Council Directive 89/106/EEC on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of Member States relating to construction products has required construction works and their heating, cooling and ventilation installations to be designed and built in the way that the low energy demand will be achieved.

Furthermore, the directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2002 on energy performance of buildings (known as directive EPBD) introduces, in Europe , the building certification process. By describing the actual energy-performance of a building, the certificate will contribute to avoid unnecessary use of energy and to safeguard, in the meantime, comfortable indoor climatic conditions (thermal comfort) in relation to the outside temperature. In line with the EC energy policy in building sector, many RDT&D projects were funded by the Commission within different framework programs and hence the outcomings from those projects are ready to be introduced in the market.

Based on the current global scenario in building sector, Eco-Building Club Project aims to make the public and particular sector operators aware of the most market promising RTD results and the best D achievements and, in particular, to invite key market operators not only to validate the market potential of those EU RDT&D results but also to valuate their feasibility of market transferring

The project website is structured in different sessions:

* Home page;
* About Eco-building;
* EU innovative technologies;
* Best EU demo cases;
* Market Operator database;
* Eco-building Club;
* Events;
* Partners;
* Useful links.

Two sessions ‘EU innovative technologies' and ‘Best EU demo cases' are used for information dissemination; all collected EU innovative RTD/D results, applicable in building sector, will be reported in numbers of technical sheets and demo case brochures.

The project intends not only to disseminate information but also to indicate who would be able to apply those EU innovative RTD/D results adoptable in building sector. Therefore, key eco-building sectoral actors will be identified in participant countries and collected in the ‘Market Operator database'.

Furthermore, numbers of promotion events will be organised at both national and international levels during the duration of the project. Event announcements and the related outcomes will be promoted through section ‘Events'.

In particular, it is worth to mention the section ‘Eco-building Club' that is addressed to market operators who intend to give voluntarily significant contributions to achieve the objectives established by the project. This section will function as an e-round table for Club members, around which it is foreseen on-line debate among members.